Fitness Anniversary


Two weekends ago I competed in my first Crossfit comp. A goal that I set for myself when I started my fitness journey three years ago today. This past year was a hard one for me, starting a business, dealing with so many health issues, flair-ups and the  hard thing for me was putting on some of the weight that I once lost. No journey will ever be perfect. It's never a straight shot it's all about the mountain tops and valleys. I could of easily quit when the flair-ups started and the weight started to come back on but I didn't quit. Why? There is one simple answer to that question God:

He alone gives me strength to keep on pressing on in this journey no matter what.

He alone gives me strength to keep on getting up when I've been knocked down.

Finally he alone is my anchor when all hope seems lost.

Of course I had my moment when I wanted to quit but right when I was about to have my breaking point God intervenes and spoke strength back into my spirit. It happened this past weekend during the crossfit comp. I knew the pain that was going to come doing one of the WODs (workouts) because I was currently dealing with a flair-up. I was almost in tears thinking about the pain the was coming but just at the moment God spoke to me this verse in Isaiah 40:29-31 "He gives strength to the weary and increases power of the weak... But those who hope in the Lord renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles they will run and not grow weary they will walk and not faint". As I was about to go I saw the same verse that the Lord gave to me on someone's shirt out of now where. In that moment God gave me strength to make it through. The whole week before the comp I was thinking about dropping out between the pain and being 30lbs heavier than I was last year. I came in 14th place out of 44 athletes and PR on my power clean at 145lbs. I needed to compete that day even if it meant going through a great deal of pain because it showed me once again that God is my strength only and how truly blessed I am to have an amazing gym family, which I love from the bottom of my heart. So never give up even if you have to go through pain, failure or disappointment because beyond that God's strength lays ahead for us to conquer our goals.