Faith and Fitness

"The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step"  It just takes one step to get closer to our goals. I have struggle with being overweight my whole life yet my hopes & dreams were to be strong and fit. I remember praying over and over again asking God to take the weight off. I remember one day God spoke to my heart and said "if you will do your part and I will do mine". God was waiting for me to take that first step, which I did and for me it was going to my first Bootcamp class but that first step leaded me to where I'm today. Not only have I lost 165lbs but I compete as a athlete in the strongwoman sport. The best part is my journey is that its never ending. It is an adventure that has its new challenges and mountains to climb but with God by my side I will not fail and either will you. Once I took that first step God gave me the grace and strength for the next one and the next one. Wellness and weight loss is a step by step process there is no easy way. I'm living proof it can be done no matter what the doctors or anybody has told you.  It takes sacrifice, commitment and a whole lot of God's grace. God is willing to help us but we must be willing to do our part. So let us run towards our goals whatever they may be with perseverance knowing that with God all things are possible.