about us

The Fit Blessed Meals Company was created out of my personal transformation journey of losing over 165lbs and my love of cooking. A huge part of my transformation involved looking at food differently. I found that by having healthy whole food in the fridge, I started to eat healthier. I also found that preparing my meals ahead of time allowed me more time to relax, study, and continue working towards my weight loss and fitness goals. Lets face it losing weight is not easy but the key to reaching any goal is to have an action plan!

Food can be a struggle for most individuals we live busy lives so we don’t have time to cook healthy balanced meals so we grab fast food or processed food. Grabbing that fast food or processed food however has a major impact on our health and family. The mission behind Fit Blessed Meals is to provide you with healthy unprocessed well-balanced meals for you and your family. We want to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. If you have certain nutritional or fitness goals we can help you reach them, while spending less time in the kitchen! Let us and our team of chefs at FITBLESSEDMEALS take care of the cooking for you.